About Us & Our Mission

Family Comes First

All family obligations can be met. We work together to help fellow staff members with their work obligations in order to free them up to ensure they meet their family obligations.

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done! And It Works!!! My personal responsiveness, both internally and externally, makes up the responsiveness of our entire enterprise.

Interruptions are Opportunities Knocking


NOW - Initiator believes the benefits of immediate response outweighs possible negatives of the interruption
PLANNED - add topic to a meeting agenda (One on One, Level 10, etc.)


STOP - give full attention
LISTEN - to understand
HELP - provide guidance and next steps
EMPOWER - for future autonomy in similar situations

Working Hard and Smart

We each apply extraordinary efforts - "Working Hard" AND have a responsibility to uncover and execute on opportunities for improvement - "Working Smart".

Our Services are a Strategic Competitive Advantage for Our Customers

We don't believe in implementing technology for the sake of technology. We believe in strategically implementing technology and applying expertise to increase the bottom line, efficiency, and quality of life of the business and its people.

Passionately Advocating for What is Best

"If I know it's good for them, I won't let it go."


"We are caring people who do what we believe to be right."

We Start With YES

YES keeps the possibilities alive. NO closes the door. This does not mean we say YES to the wrong things. It does mean each of us starts with YES. Our goal is always to fully understand requests, consider all possibilities, and Help People Accomplish More.

Taking Responsibility

We all do what it takes to ensure a successful outcome. We honor commitments to ourselves, our co-workers, our customers and vendors.

Successful Communications = Successful Outcomes for All

I ensure successful communications by increasing the level and methods until an identical understanding is confirmed

People need to know why, where, what, how and when and need it on a regular basis. They need status updates proactively. They should not have to ask for them.

Career Development

We believe in the partnership between the staff member and their manager to plan a career path, and for the manager to remove obstacles and apply resources to empower the individual to build their skill sets and abilities so that they achieve their career objectives.

We are One Company

We have many talented people providing a diverse set of services. Our customers view us as one company, as they should. We must also view ourselves as one company. We must work as a team and require that all staff be able and willing to do so.