HIT THAT CURVEBALL! - August 14, 2018 11:16 PM EDT

Are you currently down in the dumps, fighting battles that seem unfamiliar to you , and just constantly on the defense? Life can sometimes throw you curveballs that are hard to read and it hits you like a ton of bricks. When this happens you begin to...Read More

Rise from the DEEP WATERS - August 10, 2018 12:07 PM EDT

Whenever you feel as if you are drowning in the struggles of life, just know that hope is just around the corner. Never stop fighting for that next breath, for you never know how you will be blessed. A quitter, though still living is pretty much dead...Read More

Unnecessary pressures - August 9, 2018 7:01 PM EDT

Sometimes life hits you like a tornado and people try to steer you back into the right Direction but one thing they do not understand is that sometimes the way they direct you is not the way you need to go. You know your life better than most peo...Read More

Conviction drives the soul!! - August 8, 2018 1:32 PM EDT

Today a friend said "If i can be honest with you. You're not going to be able to build this thing from scratch. You dont have the conviction." Those words that he spoke have been ringing in my ears all day. I have been pacing back-and-forth...Read More

"I was talking to God" - July 14, 2018 10:15 PM EDT

A 19 year old teen Blake Spataro was stranded in the ocean off Georgia Coast for 10 hours recalls survival that he was talking to God the whole 10 hours. "He miraculously survived spending nearly 10 hours alone in the ocean after he likely got caught...Read More

"I Can Only Imagine" - June 21, 2018 10:48 PM EDT

I asked a couple people to give me their review on "I can only imagine" their response was quite pleasing. After I watched the movie for myself I would highly recommend it for all families. The movie tugged at my heart and gave me a renewed...Read More

"DON'T QUIT" - June 19, 2018 8:41 PM EDT

Thomas Edison failed 199 times and succeeded the 200th time. People asked him, "Why did you keep going when you failed 199 times?" Thomas said "I did not fail, instead I found 199 reasons why it did not work." As long as you have breath in you then y...Read More

"The Storm Is Not You" - June 17, 2018 1:18 AM EDT

Many of us focus so much on our past mistakes, whether they are past conversations or actions that we have done to others or ourselves. What's done is done, confess and move on. If you need to forgive or be forgiven find a way to do that as soon as...Read More

"The way we behave leads to the way we believe" - June 13, 2018 10:49 AM EDT

"Philippians 2 teaches us that how we behave is rooted in what we believe. Paul says the call to humble love and service is built on the example of Jesus. We are to be "like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind." He t...Read More

THE END OF THE ZONE - June 10, 2018 7:17 PM EDT

This is the day where you can say, "You concurred the beast and won!" You look back at the last four years and hostly do not know how you made it this far. You walk the stage, hug your professors, grab your diploma while looking out at the vast arr...Read More

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Whiskey a go go for Jesus - August 8, 2018 7:21 PM EDT

I had a band called Friends of Jesus and we had'nt played in 3 years and I called an old Christian bass playing buddy of mine. He said he booked the Whiskey a go go in Hollywood for 1 night for Christian bands only. One of the bands scheduled to play...Read More

"Nothing Will Stop Me" - May 8, 2018 9:57 PM EDT

This past week has been such a beautiful journey for me even though I was having huge doubts throughout the whole way. I was a vendor at a show with 2,000 there. I had a lot of competition. I took a risk in this big vendor 4 days all day event. I kep...Read More

THE EPIDEMIC - April 26, 2018 4:59 PM EDT

"My daughter was clean for just over a year from using heroin. She kicked the dragon square in the balls and I didn't think she was ever gonna look back for it. She promised me that she's NEVER going back to H She said "Daddy, I don't want to...Read More

The adventure - April 18, 2018 2:48 PM EDT

I am not really sure where to begin. I guess I can start with a story of how I was inspired.... Life got pretty tough for me. Just for some general back ground, I am an artist and make music. I love creating and working with other people on all s...Read More

Trial and error - April 12, 2018 10:58 AM EDT

I've seen happy times. I've seen bad times. I've seen hard times. I've seen easy times. From dealing with a drug and sex addiction, to dealing with times of contiplated suicide. Wondering should I end it all due to my faults. Or just simply t...Read More


A simple act of kindness can go a long way! I surprised my friends mom with flowers because I have not seen her in a long time. This small gesture of kindness put a smile on her face, and allowed her to have a little bit of joy in her hectic life. Th...Read More

A cross the seas of friendship - April 9, 2018 10:42 PM EDT

As a volunteer & advocate for World Youth Day, I began my journey 2 years ago traveling alone to Poland for the event. I made many friends, learned more about myself and grew as a person. Ironically, my favorite moment wasn't seeing the pope (as am...Read More

Trust in God - April 9, 2018 4:08 PM EDT

"I know it's not the biggest world problem with people starving, people turning away from you, people in wars, and more. But, Lord, it's what I'm facing right now and I need you in this time." This is part of one of my favorite prayers I ...Read More

SUFFERING WITH JESUS - April 7, 2018 1:57 PM EDT

Hi everyone! My name is Brittni, and I would like to tell you a background about my life and how it lead me here! At the age of 5 years old I was diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor in the center of the brain on Holy Thursday. The next day on ...Read More

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