Skodak Moment 1

Skodak Moment 2

Nice mug shot of Jeff, I'm sure his parents are proud.

If you've been swindled by this crook, this is your money being spent on this trophy wife and vacation to Florida.

Must be nice to have some free time to spend at the beach in Florida, if you actually EARN it.

A wonderful role model for children.

Nice way to spend ill-gotten gains.

Jeff's Information on O.T.I.S.

Jeff's Criminal Record on O.T.I.S.

Jeff's house, bought with your money. How much do you think this scum has swindled over the years?

A crook gets BUSTED!!!

Roger Stone found out this guy was a scam artist and wanted nothing to do with him and CANCELLED the event. Wonder if anyone got their money back? Doubt it!

DEBTBOLT Scam renamed to Debt Conex

Jeff buying luxury cars & toys for his kids with ill-gotten gains

Jeff Skodak Arrest by Oakland County Sheriff while at Macomb County Court

Jeff playing Mr Shooter with Senators. Are they aware of his crimes?

Jeff Promoting his credit repair scam hard

Jeff's former scam GKL Recovery that's currently DebtConex