L.G. Publications was founded in 1988. The Chef's Selections© was the first in a series of resource books specifically designed to assist in the creativity of individual food service professionals.

The Chef's Selections Specialties of the House

Creating an expandable personalized notebook for future reference and menu development. Design Menus, Special Events and Daily Features with Speed and Affordability.

This publication is a must for all food service professionals involved in the delicate art of menu development and design. This expandable index provides the creative impetus for new menus, daily features or specials, buffets and theme parties. It provides each user with hundreds of center-of-the-plate selections that can be tailored to the specific needs of your restaurant dining rooms.

It is designed to include chefs, cooks, culinary instructors, catering directors, food and beverage managers, restaurant and club managers, restaurant owners and students

The focus of the author has been to develop publications allowing you a simple, creative method of organizing your notes, ideas and entree selections.

Custom Management Programming Systems (CMPS)

I'm sure you will be delighted with the quality of information. As with all of
L.G. Publications, the text files are expandable to fit your properties requirements.