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Auctioneer: Monte Mensing

Auction Location:

2b announced street
Salem, Oregon 97383

Auction Listing

Monte’s Auctions & More, Inc Presents
Major Coin Auction

By volume, this will be the largest coin auction we have ever done.
Saturday, December 12th 1:00 PM start, preview at noon
NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: Currently negotiating rooms in Salem and Aumsville.
Address will be posted December 3rd at www.montesinc.com
Masks will be required. Coins will be available for preview and absentee bidding beginning Thursday, November 19, 2020 at Monte’s Coins. For questions, call Monte 503-580-5211

Attention: All descriptions, grades, and explanations of coins and coin lots are the opinion of the seller, the auction company, or someone else. They are strictly opinions, and are not warranted or guaranteed. It is the responsibility of each bidder to examine individual coins and coin lots and bid according to their own opinion of grade and condition. ALL SALES AT AUCTION ARE FINAL. Terms of sale: Cash, good check, or Paypal; 10% buyers’ premium.

December 2020 coin auction

Bag of Supplies
Vol. I and Vol. II Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909-1958 135 coins
1907 Barber Quarter Proof 64 Cameo 575 Made
29 Buffalo Nickels 1918-1938-D G to VF
1901 - O Morgan Dollar MS-64
1793 Wreath Cents - 11c Single Leaf F
1851 - O Half Dime PCI MS-62
2 - Morgan Dollars 1883-O and 1900 Both MS-64
1875 Proof Twenty Cent
5 Dollar Chief Note 1899 F
10 - Ancients Coins mostly Roman Cat. $108.50
1914 - D Wheat Cent VF
1828 Bust Quarter Ch Bu
29 Buffalo Nickels 1913 Type I to 1937-S G to VF+
1912 Barber Half Dollar in VF
1817 Bust Half Dotted Date AU Scarce
1854 Seated Half Dollar with Arrows Choice AU
2 Morgan Dollars 1885-O and 1889 Both MS-64
1800 Bust Dollar Dotted Date EF-45
5 Slab 3 NGC and 2 PCGS. 1946-S MS-66 Rd. cent, 2 Nickels 1981-S Proof 69 Cam Type 2, 2005-S Pr. 70 Ocean View, 1990-S Pr. 69 D-Cam Half Dollar, Pres. Dollar Pr. 70 John Adams
19 Australia VF to Unc Coins 6-Half Pennies and 13-Large Pennies 1917-1943 Cat. $134.00
1909-S Wheat Cent in VG
1871 Seated Dollar AU
29 Wheat Cents 1909-VDB G to UNC
1943 Washington Quarter NGC MS-65, 1945-S Washington Quarter ANACS MS-66, and 1949-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS-64
1886-O Morgan Dollar MS-62 Scarce
1891 Seated Half Dollar Au Scarce
1890 Morgan Dollar MS-64
1896-S Morgan Dollar Au
Alexander the Great AR Tetradrachm 336-323 BC Greek VF-20
19 Silver Germany Coins 1874-1972 F to Unc Cat. $154.00
1931-S Wheat Cent in EF
1864 2 cent Rare Indian Rev. Die Clash Unc
Approx. 11 lb. Foreign Coins some silver
1861 Seated Quarter EF and 1927-S Standing Quarter VG
1922 Grant Star Gold Dollar Gem. Bu
1879-O Morgan Dollar MS-62
1888 Morgan Dollar MS-64
1850-O Two and a Half Dollar Au Scarce
2 Unc. Sets of Lincoln Cents 1 Whitman Classic 1941-1969-S and Library of Coins 1941-1962-D
19 Mexico Coins 7-silver 1888-1939 VG+ to Au Cat. $114.00
3 Walking Half Dollars 1919-D G, 1928-S G, 1938-D F
1834 Classic Five Dollar Gold Sharp Unc
28 US Proof Sets 1971-1998 Complete
28 Canada Small Cents 1922-1926 Key Dates Cat. $383.00
1911-D $10.00 Indian Au 58 Scarce Gold
1883-S Morgan Dollar Au
1884 Morgan Dollar MS-64
1806 Half Dollar Draped Bust EF-45
1972 Double Die Cent ANACS Papers EF40/40
19 Mexico Coins some silver 1866-1955 Cat. $106.00
2 Morgan Dollars 1884-O MS-64 and 1904-O MS-63
1826 Half Dollar Bust MS-62
Gem. Bu Set Jefferson Nickels 1938-P-1964-D in Capitol Plastic
4-Half Dimes 1853 W/A VF, 1854 W/A F, 1868-S EF, and 1872 F
1879-CC Morgan Dollar Uncapped Bu
1894-S Morgan Dollar Bu
1882-O Morgan Dollar MS-64
1894-S Barber Half Dollar PCI MS-62 PL
5 Whitman Books 1959-1990 Complete all Unc Red
19 New Zealand Coins 12-Silver 1934-1960 VF to Unc Cat. $98.00
4 Proof Sets 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964
1879-S Morgan Dollar PCI MS-65 DMPL
PCGS 3-coin set 1976 Bicentennial 40% silver Bu silver signed by designer very limited
4-Franklin Half Dollars 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960 all Ch Unc
1888-S Morgan Dollar PCI MS-64
1921 Peace Dollar Bu
2 Prestige Sets 1990 and 1993
1723 Hibernia Half Penny and 1804 Half Cent F
10 Dollar 1922 Gold Note VF
19 France Coins 1855-1975 F+ to Bu Cat. $67.00
10 Walking Half Dollars 1918-S G, 1923-S VG, 1927-S G, 1928-S G, 1929-S G, 1943 EF, 1943-D EF, 1943-S EF, 1944 EF and 1947-D VF
1832 Half Cent Au 51,000 Made
3 Piece American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Coin Set in US Gov. Pack
1864 2 cent piece EF, and 2 Buffalo Nickels 1923-S EF and 1938-D MS-63
1843 Large Cent Brown Unc
1927-D Peace Dollar Ch. Bu
29 Canada 5 cent silvers 1890-1920, G-VF Cat. $219.00 No Dups.
1845 Large Cent Unc
36 Proof Singles Lincoln with Wheats, 31 Proof Jefferson Nickels, 21 Quarter with 5 Silver Proof 88 Total No Dups.
15 Portugal Coins some silver 1883-1991 G to Unc Cat. $51.00
1898-O Morgan Dollar MS-64 Toned
1847 Hawaii Cent EF
1922 PCGS MS-64 Peace Dollar, 1923 ANACS MS-63 Peace Dollar, and 1925 NNC MS-64 Peace Dollar
18 1909 VDB Lincoln Cents most are VF
1859 Indian Cent Au 1st Year
1950-D Half Dollar ANACS MS-65 FBL
3 Prestige Sets 1987, 1989 and 1997
1907 Indian Cent Gem Bu 9-Repunched
1806 Half Cent small 6 No Stem VG
19 Italy coins some silver 1826-1928 VG to EF Cat. $106.00
7 Walking Half Dollars 1919 G, 1919-D G, 1919-S G, 1920-D G, 1920-S G, 1927-S VG and 1928-S G
1909 MS-64 Red Indian Cent
9 Slabbed Coins 3 Nickels, 1 Silver Dime, 1 State Quarter. 1 Kennedy Half Dollar, 3 SBA Dollars MS-67 Proof 70
Approx. 15 lb. Foreign Coins
1866 3 cent Nickel MS-63 Nice Luster
1897-S Morgan Dollar Gem Bu
20 US Mint Sets 1971-2002
1889 3 cent Nickel Gem Proof
24 Proof Singles 19 Kennedy Halves, 5 Ike Dollars No Dups.
19 Belgium Coins 1861-1917 VF to EF Cat. $116.00
1898-O MS-65 Morgan Dollar
1871 Shield Nickel Au Rare
9 NGC Slabbed Coins 3 Silver Dimes, 1 Quarter, 2 SBA Dollars, 3 President all Proof 70
2 - Washington Quarters PCGS 1941 and 1941-S Both MS-65
1876 Shield Nickel Proof 621,150 made
1952 Half Dollar ICG Proof 67 Franklin
2 - Proof Sets 1969 and 1970, 2 Unc sets 1969 and 1970, and 29 Pres. Medals with Stamps
1883 Liberty “V” Nickel Proof No Cent
1835 Half Cent EF
19 Denmark Coins some silver 1874-1953 F to Unc Cat. $88.00
7 Walking Half Dollar 1917-D Obv. G, 1917-S Obv. G, 1918-D G, 1918-S G, 1938-D VG, 1934-S EF, 1941-S EF
1909 Liberty “V” Nickel Choice Bu Scarce
Kennedy Half Dollar Dansco Album with Proofs to 2012-D
2 - Shield Nickels 1867 Au and 1869 EF
1915 Buffalo Nickel Gem Bu
1926 Oregon Trail PCGS MS-64
10 Proof US Quarter Sets 3 silver 2004, 2006, 2009 and 7 Clad State Quarters
1916-D Buffalo Nickel MS-63
Approx. 1710 Canadian Small Cents Kings and Queens
19 Greece Coins 1882-1967 VF to MS-65 Cat. $108.00
4 Washington Comm. Half Dollars, Silver, 7 Ike Dollars lisaProof 1-Blue Ike and 1-Brown Ike
1925 Buffalo Nickel Gem Bu
Roosevelt Dime Dansco Book Complete to 2017-D except 2012-S silver
3-20 coin rolls Sacagawea Dollars 2004-P, 2003-P and 2003-D
1831 Bust Half Dime Choice Unc
1857 Half Dime Stars Obv. PCI MS-64
Bag of Stuff: US Coins and Currency, Silver $2.00 Note Die-Struck .999 Pure Silver, US 2009 Pres. 4 coin proof set, Titanic Med. and much much more
1866-S Half Dime Seated EF and 1857-O Seated Dime Au
1864 Indian Head Cent Variety 2 EF
2 - Barbados Coins F+ to Unc+ 1788 and 1970 Cat. $85.00
Eisenhower Dollars Dansco Album Including Proof and 40% silver 32 coins
1875-CC Seated Dime Au
Approx. 56 Proof Roosevelt Dimes 8 Silver
1950-D Jefferson Nickel Ch Bu and NGC 1951 MS-66 F.T. Roosevelt Dime
1879 Seated Dime Scarce Date
1831 Bust Dime PCI Au-50 Sharp
Approx. 150 Indian Head Cents 1887-1908 G-F
1891 Seated Dime Choice Bu
4 Prestige Sets 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1990
2 Cyprus Coins Silver 1901-1921 Both F Cat. $118.00
Jefferson Nickels Dansco Book 107 Coins G-Bu and Proofs Not Complete 1938-1990
1910 Barber Dime Gem Bu
Approx. 371 Canada Nickels Kings and Queens
7-Standing Quarter 1925, 1926, 1927-D, 1928, 1929, 1930 All Circulated and 3-Washington Quarters All 1934 Medium Motto 2-MS-60 and 1-MS-62
1919-D Mercury Dime MS-60
1893 Isabella Quarter PCI MS-61
5 Sequential Philippine 5 Pesos Notes Series of 1921
1920-D Mercury Dime MS-64 Full Bands
Royal Maundy Coins of Great Britain Queen Victoria, Struck at the Royal Mint London
3 Finland Coins 1874-1934 VF to EF Cat. $92.50
Mercury Dime Whitman Book 63 Dimes G-VF 1916-1945-S Not Complete
1923 Mercury Dime Gem Bu Full Bands
1875-S Twenty Cent Piece in VG
1932-S Washington Quarter VF
1929-D Mercury Dime Gem Bu Full Bands and 1931 Mercury Dime MS-64 Split Bands
1878 ⅞ Tail Feathers PCI MS-63 Strong
Approx. 3900 Wheat Cents
1875-S Twenty Cent G
1955 Bugs Bunny Franklin Half Dollar Ch Bu and 1955 Ch Bu
3 France Coins are silver 1865-1927 all VF Cat. $90.00
Approx. 294 Buffalo Nickels
1898 Barber Quarter MS-63
2 Walking Half Dollars 1916 G, 1916-S VG and 1928-S Au Half Dollar Monroe and Adams
Approx. 153 Foreign Notes
1924-S Standing Quarter Full Head Unc+
1878 Reverse of 1879 PCI MS-63
Approx. 187 Wheat Cents 1930-1958 Unc and Better, and Whitman Classic Alb. 1941
1928 Standing Quarter MS-64
Approx. 71 Buffalo and “V” Nickels
1 French Indo-China Coin 1939 VF+ Cat. $100.00
Approx. 186 “V” Nickels
1837 Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar Choice Au
2 - 2 cent pieces 1864 VG and 1865 VG, 2 - Roosevelt Dimes 1946-S Knob-Trumpets Type I Unc and 1949-S MS-63, and 1901 Barber Quarter in G, 1915-S Barber Quarter G
1953 ½ roll Lincoln Cents Unc, 1938-44 Lincoln Cents EF-Au, 1912-S Lincoln Cent F, 1943 Lincoln Cent MS-65, 2017-P 3 Rolls Lincoln Cents Bu
1848 Seated Half Dollar EF Scarce
1885-S Morgan Dollar PCI MS-64
1999 Proof Quarter Set, 2 - 2005 Proof Sets, 1 - 2005 Proof Quarter Set, 2009 Proof Set, 2005 Unc Set, 2006 Unc Set and 1960 Pony Express Medal
1850-O Half Dollar Choice Au
3 - 20 coin rolls Sacagawea Dollars 2004-P, 2005-D and 2005-P
Bag of Supplies