Website Moderating

What is a Content Moderator?

Content moderation continues to be on the rise as the online world never stops needing content moderation, because let's face it, it can sometimes be a harsh and cruel world. Thus, a Content Moderator is always on guard, maintaining the online reputation of a business. They screen, monitor, and approve content in compliance with the website's guidelines. Also, they promote excellent customer service and help to cultivate a strong community around the brand.

What Does a Content Moderator Do?

A content moderator serves two primary functions - to protect and promote. While screening, monitoring, and approving content sound like easy tasks, keep in mind that content comes in many forms namely articles, images, video clips, and audio clips, thus they must be on their toes around the clock. They ensure that all information and data uploaded by users won't violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. When it comes to promoting, Content Moderators help build up an entertaining and compelling experience by keeping content focused on the interests of your community. Plus, they also respond to feedback or posts from the community.

How Do I Hire a Content Moderator?

We at Evolution have the knowledge and the skills to moderate your website for you. We can manage, edit, filter, and moderate your content for you and we have the skills to do it very efficiently.

How Much Does a Content Moderator Cost?

This is mostly done on a per-month basis with a possible binding contract. The cost depends on how much time and work needs to be done to moderate the content and an estimate will be provided to you for that.