Virus Removal

Computer viruses have become more threatening to businesses and people who use computers, every day people are losing their data and programs and even hardware because of virus infections. These include malware, spyware, trojan horses, and even randsomware.

* Malware is intended to disable your computer and erasing or damaging critical parts of your computer's operating system.

* Spyware is designed to collect your personal information and give it to hackers who may use it for malicious reasons or simply sell it on the dark web.

* Trojan horses allow hackers to break into your computer and even hijack it or plant keyloggers to steal your personal information.

* Randsomware is a newer form of threat designed for hackers to disable your computer and extort you for a lump sum of money in order for you to regain access to your computer or even present themselves as tech experts who will charge you a fee to remove the "virus" that they created themselves from your computer.

Such issues are what we study and remove from your computer. In order to do that, we offer these types of services.

* Back up all the entire hard drive's partition.

* Repair or reinstall your operating system.

* Restore your files.

Symptoms that can indicate a virus infection in your PC:

* If your computer is running slow.

* If your computer is restarting by itself.

* If your computer is shutting down by itself.

* If your windows is crashing.

* If you have pop up messages.

* If you can't see your desktop.

* Blue Screen Of Death.

* If you start losing files.

* If you have a fake Anti-Virus program running and trying to look for viruses.

* If your current Antivirus can detect viruses but can't delete them.