Build Your Custom Computer

Would you like to build your dream computer or server?

For gaming, home use, or business, we can help you build your computer or server.

This service gives our customers the ability to build their own computers and servers with our help.

All you need to do is shop for the computer parts that you like (CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Hard Drive, Video Card, Case, DVD, Power Supply, Operating System, ...etc).

You can send us the money for labor, shipping, and to purchase the parts for you from either online sources or our local sources such as Micro Center.

You can tell us what you will use the computer or server for, and we can suggest the parts that you need to buy if you would like. Once you select your parts, we can check your shopping list to make sure that all the parts are compatible with one another.

At your request, we can load the operating system for you as well if you choose to purchase one through us or we can just ship the computer or server to you once we have put the parts together.

This actually works much better than buying a pre-built computer or server, because with a pre-built computer or server, you just don't know what parts were used to build it. With this service, you will know every part used and it will be easier to replace parts or even upgrade the computer or server in the future if you need to.

Contact us if you have any questions.