Online Auction Software

At Evolution, we have our own unique online auction software called AuctionStrikes. This online bidding software allows you to run your auctions straight from your website. It stores and tracks your customer's data for you along with your inventory and invoices as well. You can also integrate your website's web design and keep your company branding on all the pages and link it up from your domain.

Bidder Data

The software allows you to add, delete, and modify your customer's data. It allows you to register them to use the software or they may be able to register themselves in order to use it and place bids on your items. It takes all of their personal information and puts it into your hands, everything from their name, address, credit card information, etc. You may even use the software to bill their credit card through or even add their email addresses to your mailing list using emailing software such as MailChimp.


This feature allows you to view all the items the bidders won, email the invoice to them directly with the software, it sends it to your customers with an attached PDF File. It includes the state sales tax, totals, payments, and other fees included as well.


You can use this software to add, delete, and edit your inventory individually. It also has a feature that allows you to upload your inventory in bulk either from using a text file or a catalogging source such as WaveBid.

Types Of Auctions

Traditional Auctions

The software does handle traditional auctions, which allow you to bid by bidding increments, which you can customize yourself. It does staggered endings, which allows you to end however many items per minute at the time of the close, for instance, if you want to do 3 items per minute, that would mean that at the time of the close, items 1 - 3 will close at the time they are supposed to close the auction, 4 - 6 will close 1 minute after, 7 - 9 the 2nd minute, and so on and so forth. It also allows you to set an auto extend time as well to prevent snipe bidders from taking advantage of the auction concept. So if someone bids within the last 3 minutes of the auction, you can set that auction to extend by an additional 3, 5, 10, or however many minutes you would like. You may set Reserve Prices, a Buy Now Price, and even allow your bidders to make you an Offer for your items as well.

Deal Strikes

This is a newer concept which works more like a descending dutch auction, this allows you to start the price higher and work it's way down to a lower price at the rate of your choice based on how many hours and what percentage you choose. You can elect to start the auction high for instance at $10,000 and let that price descend by 1% every 2 hours until it hits $5,000. Your bidders will NOT know at which price it will end, so the lower price is sort of like your Reserve Price. If you are willing to sell the item between $5,000 and $10,000, you can start the auction high at $10,000, but if no one buys it or places a bid within that range, the auction ends once it reaches $5,000. The only way a bidder can win is to use the Buy Now feature and purchase it at the market value while it is dropping or place a limit order that is between $5,000 and $10,000 in this instance and does it before anyone else places a bid higher than they do. So if you have 3 bidders all place limits for $6,000, $7,500, or $8,300 while the item is at $9,500 and dropping, the bidder who placed the $8,300 bid is on track to winning the auction.

Auction Strikes

This concept combines the Traditional Auction with the Deal Strike concept. Like the Deal Strike concept, you start with a higher price and also place a lower price. I will use the same instance as the Deal Strike example, which you may read above at the previous headline in which we chose to start the auction at $10,000 drop the price at 1% every 2 hours until it ends at $5,000. In this auction style also, the lower price should act as a Reserve Price. The item will start also at the higher price, so if you start at $10,000, the price works it's way down towards $5,000 in this example, until someone places a Bid. There is NO Buy Now Feature available here. If no one places a bid and it reaches $5,000, the value will no longer drop and it will then become an auction where they must bid $5,000 or more to place a valid bid. If someone does place a bid before it hits $5,000, the same thing applies, the value no longer drops, it turns into a traditional auction and other bidders may come in and bid the item back up before the time limit expires like a traditional auction.

Fixed-Cost Auction

This type of auction allows you to basically sell multiple items all for the same price and the only information the bidders need to enter is the quantity. So if you want to sell big lots of 100 items for $10 a piece, the bidders may enter a quantity anywhere from 1 - 100, as long as there's enough left to order until either the time limit expires or the quantity available is 0.

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